Environmental Design Services Present a Powerful Brand Message

Even though the office is where you primarily build your brand and grow your customer base, you may occasionally have to take the show on the road. Maybe you’re travelling to Las Vegas or Anaheim for a trade show. Perhaps you’re going to Atlanta or New Orleans for a conference. Or, you could be headed to Salt Lake City or Orlando for an expo. In any of these cases and many more, your company has a once-a-year opportunity to show up and set up an exhibit or kiosk that’s designed to showcase your brand in a way that makes attendees turn their heads and pay attention. Suddenly, all eyes are on you. And, it’s magic time!

What we’re talking about is environmental design or environmental branding, where big, beautiful event graphics, tradeshow graphics, and retail environments create an engaging setting that draws attention to your product. We’re also talking about eye-catching vehicle graphics that provide brand exposure on cars, pickup trucks, and trailers—like a rolling billboard!

What does environmental design mean for you?

  • Customized exhibits
  • Event graphics
  • Fleet graphics
  • Graphic wraps
  • Kiosk design
  • Mobile marketing trailers
  • Retail graphics
  • Tour logistics
  • Trade show graphics
  • Vehicle graphics

Keep in mind: Environmental design is floor to ceiling – an interior environment or external wrap that’s meant to promote your message, sell your company, and further your brand. Almost anything related to brand or message can be accomplished with environmental design. In other words, if you can dream it up, we have creative talent in the ROCK Creative Network who can make it a reality.

Here at ROCK Creative Network, we’re networked with some of the creative industry’s top talent. We know that most businesses have marketing and design needs, and we’re absolutely certain we can help them find a creative talent that is able to help position their brand message, sell their story, and grow their business. If you’re ready to give our network a try, click here to get in touch!