Imagine finding a business partner to fill a particular need at just the right time. And what if you could secure these partners with minimal effort yet discover they help win business and keep clients happy?

This is not a fantasy. My business, Rock Creative Network, exists to connect companies with Kansas City area professionals in branding, design, digital, marketing, SEM, research, public relations and other specialties essential to business growth.

Many agencies or companies, large and small, lack on-staff expertise to take on a certain project or round out an RFP. What are their options at that point? They could hire someone, who may not be kept busy long-term. That is not cost-effective. How about out-sourcing? That requires a lot of time looking for just the right fit.

That’s where I come in. One call to me at Rock Creative Network will put you quickly on the path to collaborating with just the right professional. I combine a passion for people with 25 years experience in new business development and branding. Think of me as your Evangelist – your voice in the search for winning business relationships.

Success in business is all about collaboration. Some of the most forward-thinking CMOs are touting collaboration as the best way to enhance ROI. They will tell you that tapping the best talent at the just the right time keeps overhead low while putting companies in a position to compete with anybody for important business.

My partners, posted on my website with links to websites of their own, have track records of creativity and efficiency. They will work on a single project or for a contracted period of time – at rates negotiated between you and them. My role is to bring you together, and I don’t charge you a dime.

Collaboration is an avenue to growth. Putting the best people on your side makes sense. Please visit my website,, or give me call at 816-305-4728.

Be Great Today,