Beach picture - B&WIn the old days, CMOs hired “One Big Agency” to do everything: marketing, graphic design, copywriting, web. The agency with the most bodies on staff won.

But today, things are different. CMOs are being held to the same performance standards as the CIO and CEO. They are now pressured to show a return on investment. And the problem is—that One Big Agency may not be the best in town at SEO, or apps, or even social networking.

Rather than find One Big Agency to do everything, CMOs today prefer to hire one general agency of record—then find a roster of the best “small players” with niche specialties who play well together in the sandbox. They use the agency of record to help determine a general marketing strategy—then hire separate agencies for digital services, SEO, and analytics that can all work together to build the brand and get results that meet (or exceed) their performance objectives in a measurable way.

In fact, many of the CMOs that I meet on a daily basis no longer trust the One Big Agency who claims to do “everything.” There is a strong perception today that agencies with 200 employees are beefing up their rosters with junior staff who have little (or no) experience.

CMOs today don’t want quantity. They want quality. They want ROI—measured in clicks, subscribers, page visits, traffic, and increased sales. And they’re willing to pay for it.
The good news? If you are that One Big Agency, relax. You don’t need to try to do everything anymore. Just do this:

1. Focus on what you do best.
2. Find niche specialists to collaborate with.
3. Play well with other firms.

Once you find partners who specialize in the areas your clients demand, you can grow your business without the stress of hiring more full-time employees. Better yet, you’ll enjoy higher margins, greater flexibility, and more depth.

Don’t have the time or resources to find the right partners? ROCK Creative Network can help you find vetted, relevant partners that help you grow—today.

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