Q: How many marketing agencies ask for sales teams to come to the table?

A: They don’t. And that’s a problem.


As creative partners, we need to ask for sales to come to the table. These are the folks who are out on the front lines, working directly with the customers. They understand what those customers want and need.

But we don’t do that.

Isn’t the goal of marketing to educate customers—and generate leads for the sales team?

Marketing is no longer about making pretty presentations and brochures. More and more CMOs now want to see their return on investment. In hard numbers.

Here is a classic example. I’ve seen companies spend $50,000 or $100,000 on a digital trade show booth with all the bells and whistles–only to have the sales staff show up and say, “This isn’t what I need.” And later, the marketing department has no idea of what happens to the leads—or whether those leads are any good.

Sound familiar?

Somewhere along the way, a divisive wall has sprung up between sales and marketing. It’s time to knock down that wall—and begin building trust. We need to work together on leads, get feedback from each other, and continually improve the process of obtaining new business.

How do we do that? Here are 4 solutions that work:

  1. Set joint goals and incentives for marketing and sales. Then reward them for working together.
  2. Create a CSO position. Lots of companies have a CMO, but not a Chief Sales Officer. Why not have a C-level sales stakeholder, too?
  3. Put marketing and sales into regular communications. Bring sales staff into marketing meetings to discuss what works and what doesn’t. And vice-versa.
  4. Get better reporting. Create analytics that accurately measure which marketing campaigns work, and which do not.

Need help bringing your sales and marketing teams together? Collaboration works. We have marketing resources that can help get you started—and make your sales and marketing relationship stronger.


George Weyrauch is the Principal at ROCK Creative Network, which helps marketing departments and agencies find new partner resources—so they can grow without hiring new full-time staff. He can be reached at 816-305-4728, or george@rockcreativenetwork.com.